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Propane Camp Stove

Whether you are a camping enthusiast or simply someone wishing to be prepared for power outages during the winter, a portable stove may be the answer to simplifying and enhancing your cooking experience. A propane camp stove provides an excellent means by which to quickly heat food, especially when electricity and other heat sources are unavailable. The ease of propane fuel purchase along with the economical choice of a propane stove has given reason for many people to purchase individual units for themselves or larger units to heat food for the entire family.

So, what is propane and why is it so useful as a cooking fuel? The convenience of the fuel is greater than that of other fuels. Unlike pressurized liquid fuel stoves, propane stoves need no priming due to the fact propane is naturally in a gaseous state at room temperature. The gas is easily compressed into the form of a liquid and injected into a small metal container for use with a stove. Once the gas is released, it returns to its natural gaseous form, which happens to be the most efficient form in which any fuel burns. A propane stove can be easily lit after less than one minute of assembly due to the convenience of the pressurized fuel container. There is no pouring of liquid fuel and no risk of soaking down camping or hiking equipment with errant spills.

Also important to keep in mind is the fact that propane canisters are easily found at retail outlets around the country. Whether your need is a small container or a larger refillable container, you will be able to easily find propane suppliers. As a matter of fact, many people have turned to using propane for outdoor grilling at home due to its ease of use and purchase. Once purchased, smaller containers can also be stored for extended periods of time in dry conditions and can be used years later in any propane camp stove in the future. If for example you bought a canister five years ago only to store the item in your basement, you will find that once the power goes out during the next winter storm it's still ready for use; there is no expiration for propane gas as a fuel. This cannot always be said for liquid fuels used in some camping stoves.

Propane stoves also provide an even source of heating, with most stoves equipped with burners that have small openings that evenly disperse the fuel, allowing fast heating. As many campers can attest to, wood-burning fires and some liquid-fueled stoves fail to provide even heating, causing cooking to become more of a chore than necessary. The reason for a better heating experience with propane has more to do with the air-to-fuel ratio that is allowed in a propane camp stove. Because propane is naturally a gas, it mixes well with other gases including oxygen. This blending of the fuel with oxygen allows for a more even, complete burning than is seen with some other forms of fuel. When a propane stove is working properly, a clean-burning blue flame is produced, indicating the release of only carbon dioxide and water. The cleaner a fuel burns, the more efficient the fuel. The more efficient the fuel, the better experience had by all when warming a meal at their campsite on a cool autumn night. Without a doubt, propane stoves provide a convenience admired by campers and hikers around the world.


Hiking And Camping: A Growing Trend Again

Are you interested in getting closer to nature? Do you like walking and sleeping under the stars - or under canvas at least? If you do, then a walking or hiking and camping holiday may be just the thing for you. A hiking and camping holiday will get you out in the fresh air, permit you to observe nature first hand and cost you very little to boot. In short, hiking and camping are the ideal blend, if you are looking for a healthy, low-cost break outdoors.

Not only that but you can either go alone with a couple of good books, take a lover, take a friend or take the family with you. All in all, you have many alternatives available to you if you want to trek off into the wild blue yonder on foot.

There are a few of ways of tackling a vacation of this sort. You can either book into a hiking and camping site or you can literally simply head off. If you have children with you then the camping site is a necessity, but otherwise the decision is yours, although it has to be kept in mind, that camping off site is or can be illegal. Trespass is absolutely illegal as is causing a nuisance of yourself, putting wild animals under stress for no good reason, damaging trees or property and littering.

So, if you are new to hiking and camping, you will probably be better off going to a hiking and camping site or park. Do not be put off by this thought, some of them are truly immense. Check out the Poconos and other national parks for instance.

There is no doubt that price is a factor in the choice of a camping holiday for many young people, but it is hardly ever the sole reason why people like to get away and sleep under the stars. Going back to nature and bird- and animal-watching are other common reasons.

If you fancy this sort of holiday, it is worth remembering that hiking and camping have become extremely popular pastimes of late. They always were well-liked, it is true, but they waned in the Eighties and Nineties, and are seeing a resurgence now. Therefore, do your homework, see where you would like to go, get some brochures or look on line and book up early. Yes, nowadays you have to book up early to get into the best hiking and camping sites again.

A final note of warning, if you decide to go off into the wilderness outside a park, let people know where you are. Take your mobile phone and a couple of fully-charged extra batteries and say when you are going to phone in that you are safe and make certain that you abide by it. It is very expensive if Air-Sea Rescue are called out on unnecessarily.


The Benefits of Walking Sticks For Hiking

There are an abundance of benefits in having walking sticks for hiking. Hiking sticks are different than the canes you normally see. For one, they can be much longer than a cane. They don't have a curved handle, but are straight. They have a much sturdier tip, often times much larger in diameter than a regular cane, so that when you place them on the ground the have a better surface to ground area. Some of them even have a thick rubber end that can grip uneven or slippery terrain. The upper part of the stick, where you hold it, often has some kind of rubber or thick leather, so you can grip it better.

One of the main reasons for buying walking sticks for hiking is that they can reduce fatigue. When going downhill, these hiking sticks can reduce stress on the joints in your legs, uphill, they can transfer some of the weight to you upper body, not only reducing leg fatigue, but also giving you an extra oomph to your ascent. With the use of a walking stick, you will have better balance, especially when carrying a heavy pack. On uneven terrain, patches of snow and ice, they can help make you safe. You can use a walking stick to check out loose rocks, so that you don't slip when you walk, and a can add stability when crossing streams.

In addition, walking sticks for hiking can have a number of accessories. One can buy hiking sticks that have straps to keep your hand in, so the walking stick doesn't get away from you in certain circumstances. They can have emergency whistles, or even a compass attached to them. While most walking sticks are made from solid materials such as wood or lightweight aluminum, others are telescopic, which is convenient for some. This means that you can have a full sized walking stick, and when it is not being used it can shrink down and be packed away.

The nice part about walking sticks for hiking is that they can be as simple, or as decorated as you want. Hiking sticks have been used for centuries, and many have decorations, which can go with your style. Whether is it an 'Old Man of the Woods,' head carved into it, or some kind of Celtic design, the possibilities are almost limitless. If you are someone who like working with wood, you can buy a plain one and create your own designs.

One of the nicest things about these walking sticks for hiking is that they are not that expensive. Some of the simplest products are under twenty dollars. It is important to know that the fancier it is, the more extras is includes, the more expensive it will be. Wood is sometimes cheaper than aluminum, but for those that don't care about being fancy, and just want a walking stick that is functional, a cheaper one can be a good idea. The main importance is that they have a comfortable, easy to grip handle, are made from a sturdy material, and have a flat surface area where the stick meets the ground.


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